We will be highlighting just a few ways exterior painting can increase your home’s curb appeal and value.

Can painting your house really increase its value?

This may not surprise you, but it is true! We’ll be discussing some of the reasons (such as curb appeal or subtle signaling to buyers), but first, consider this: A home that has been painted today doesn’t need to be painted tomorrow. You are eliminating a “But, …”” from the buyer’s list. Good exterior painting doesn’t need to be repainted for 10 years or more.

Curb appeal is important

Talking to a realtor will reveal this: curb appeal doesn’t just mean a bunch of random jargon. It is important. It matters. If your home is not appealing to buyers, it will be difficult to sell.

It’s easy to see the exterior of a house online. It might even be the only image included in a realtor’s brief. You’ll have fewer people visiting your home if it doesn’t make a good first impression.

A repainted house is something that you can enjoy. Even if your house isn’t being sold, it will be a home you love every day. It sounds like a win-win situation!

Sending a message With fresh exterior paint

What are you expecting prospective buyers to think about your home when they visit it? The new exterior house paint speaks volumes about your home’s care and maintenance. Old, peeling paint could send the opposite message, just as a front yard with weeds might. This is not what you want.

It’s time for professionals to repaint your home if the exterior paint is peeling, faded or splotchy. It’s worth it if it attracts another buyer. That can spark a bidding war for your property.

Colors are important, except when they don’t

It’s better not to stand out than to follow the crowd when it comes to color. If every stucco home in your area is a light-colored color, then you don’t want yours to be brightly colored. A realtor will tell anyone that nobody wants to purchase a “unicorn”, a home that isn’t right for their neighborhood, too expensive for the area, or doesn’t match the homes surrounding it.

Many neighborhoods have Homeowners Associations (HOA), which set guidelines for the color of homes. If you live in such a community, the above color suggestions might not work. You are better off sticking with what they suggest.

Hiring the right team

This is not the same thing as painting accent walls in your living rooms. This project should be handled by professionals.

Why should you hire professionals? Professionals are skilled in completing the necessary preparation work to ensure a successful project. If the project is completed correctly, you will only see a boost in your home’s value. Prospective buyers will be turned off by any exterior painting job that isn’t done well.

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By Marquez