Owning a dock means that you have people who will enjoy it. You must ensure that you have adequate lighting in order to prevent any accidents. You should have lighting for all boats pulling up to your dock. Bright lighting is essential because it’s easy to lose control and cause a boat to crash into a dock you didn’t know existed.

Dock Lighting Requirements

Although laws regarding dock lights can vary from one state or another, most laws stipulate that residential docks must be lit from sunset through sunrise. To assist passing boats and incoming boats, these lights must be visible from the water and should be at least a reasonable distance from shore to avoid confusion with the water’s edge. It is common to have overhead wiring, so dock owners must be careful about how they supply electricity to their dock lights.

Brighter Lights Are Better for the Dock

Practically, dock lighting should be visible well into the night. Brighter lights are better, but it is best to keep the lights to a minimum. Colored lights can make it difficult to see in some situations. A long dock can be lit as if it were an easy-to-see footpath for those who may walk it at night or in fog. Your dock should be lit well from the end to allow for swimming platforms.

Attractive Aesthetic Appeal

The best way to make your dock look great is to use bright lighting. There are many options available, depending on what look you desire. However, dock owners often prefer to keep it nautical and use light fixtures like dock lights and lanterns that reflect the sea air. You might consider lighting closer to your home with something similar to the type of pathway lighting you use in your yard. Make your dock a welcoming place for guests.

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By Marquez