Storage units are essential for many people. There are many reasons to get a storage unit, whether you’re moving in the near future or running out of space in your current home. A storage unit can be used to store lawn equipment, holiday decor, winter clothes, and even an additional vehicle.

It can be used by college students to store their belongings between apartments and while abroad. Are you completing a home-remodeling project? For the moment, store your belongings in a storage container. There are many ways to use storage space.

Self-storage can be convenient but it requires some effort to move all your belongings. These are the best ways to move items from your home into a storage unit, or vice versa, from truck rentals to finding an affordable moving company.

  • DIY Move with a Rent Truck

Moving items to storage is the same as moving to a new house. You might find it more cost-effective to do everything yourself. You should expect to spend more time and effort if this is the route you choose.
Renting a moving truck is a great DIY option as you will likely be renting storage space near your home. Renting a moving truck is usually as affordable as $19.95 per day or $0.59 to $0.99 per mile.
Trucks come in a variety of sizes to fit different loads. Many trucks have features such as a loading ramp for easy access and a chassis skirt that improves fuel efficiency. There are many truck rental companies, such as Penske, U-Haul, and Budget. Choose the one that suits you best.

These are some great tips for saving money on a truck storage move:

  • Make plans. Reserve a truck rental at least two weeks ahead of your move to ensure that it is available on the day you intend to move. Rental truck companies charge higher rates for weekends and at the end the month due to increased demand. Avoid moving during peak hours if you can.
    The right storage unit is important. Sort the items that you are going to store according to their accessibility. The rule of thumb is that you should get the largest unit that can hold your stuff so that you can store more in the future.
    Invite friends to volunteer. You know the saying, “The more, the better.” You can also get the job done much faster if you have more people. Be sure to thank by buying some pizza and drinks!

Get boxes for free! Ask your friends and neighbors for spares if they have just moved. You can also find free boxes in grocery and liquor stores. To find people giving away old packing materials, you can search on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and Nextdoor.

Each box should be labeled. Although this may seem simple, it is easy to forget. Label each box to make it easy to find items when you have to move them.
You can rent the equipment you need. Renting specialized equipment is a good option if you need to move heavy items such as a piano or appliances. This will save you time and help prevent them from being dropped and damaged. To avoid scratches and dents, wrap furniture in moving blankets. Ask your truck rental company to add equipment and blankets.
Be smart about how you load. Make sure you load the biggest and most heavy items first. Secure them with tie-downs. Fill in the spaces with lighter items and boxes. Proper loading is crucial to ensure that your items are safe from the bumps and rattling as you move towards the storage unit.

  • Although renting a truck is an economical way to store your belongings, it does require a lot of work.
    A second option is available that will save you a lot of time and money, but may be slightly more expensive.
    Local Movers Hiring with a Truck

Local movers may only offer labor-only services. This means they won’t do all the heavy lifting and you will still need to rent a truck. Local movers can help you to streamline your move. They will provide the truck and labor.

Local moves are usually charged at an hourly rate, with a minimum of two or three hours per job. Depending on your location, the average cost of a local move will run between $50 and $80 per hour. If the moving company charges $50 an hour for two movers and sends them out for at least two hours, $200 will be charged. Two movers are $50 each, which is $200. The services include the supply of the truck and equipment as well as packing and delivery.
You could also hire a company that has a storage unit to kill two birds. You may also get a discount if you book both storage and moving services.

It’s easy to find a reliable moving company in most cities. There are many ways to save money on storage logistics.

  • Ask the right questions. You can avoid being scammed, make sure you get your money’s value, and ensure your items are safe while in storage. Asking the right questions to your storage company is a good idea.
    • How can you make sure that the items are safe?
    • What are your emergency protocols?
    • What is the maximum number of times I can access the unit?
    • What type of surveillance do your employees use?

Don’t forget research! Check out the feedback and reviews about the company.
You should consider the location of your storage unit. It should be easily accessible from your office or home. You can also save gas by having it close to you.

You should stack items according to their breakability and keep them in a place that is convenient. This is how your belongings and boxes should be arranged inside the storage unit. Ask your movers for the best placement of heavy and durable boxes on the bottom. More fragile items should be stacked on the top. You can keep the stuff you need to access towards the front of your unit. It’s easier to find. You can also keep the walkway clear of clutter so that you can quickly reach items at the back.

Finally, get insurance. Although it might sound expensive, it is affordable in the long-term. It’s impossible to predict when disasters such as earthquakes, floods or fires will occur. It’s safer to be safe than sorry, as most people believe.

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By Marquez