Introducing the freestanding wine cooler

When looking at wine coolers, there are so many shapes and sizes available on the market. But let us talk about the freestanding wine cooler model. A freestanding wine cooler uk not only encompasses both functionality and convenience. But can be seen as a work of art on its own. In addition, these technologically advanced wine cooling units come in either freestanding or in built-in versions. The best explanation of how a freestanding wine cooler works are that it provides the same environmental factors needed to store wine as it would in a good Wine cellar room. The benefit of owning such a freestanding wine cooler is that these features needed to store and age wine properly can be kept inside the home and not below. They are a freestanding version of a wine cellar room.

The elements needed within a freestanding wine cooler

The following summarises the ambient atmosphere needed within a freestanding wine cooler to stow away your most loved wine bottle collection. The correct temperature by most wine connoisseurs can only be determined by the type of wine stored within a wine fridge. For example, a balanced temperature must be between 50 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit with red wine, while white wine ranges between 45 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the perfect humidity percentage is crucial for professional wine storage within a wine cooling unit. For instance, if the humidity gets to dry, it may lead to the corks of the wine drying out and unwanted moisture seeping through into the wine bottle itself. Furthermore, these advanced pieces of wine cooling systems can also ensure that vibration stays at its lowest, whereas standard electrical appliances are seen to give off high vibration levels.

The best place to put my freestanding wine cooler

Correctly placing your freestanding wine cooler must be considered before investing in it. Hence, take the measurements of the unit before taking it home. The most popular place where most wine connoisseurs keep their freestanding wine coolers would be in the kitchen. It makes the accessibility to their favourite bottle of wine easier when deciding on their favourite bottle of wine for any occasion. Imagine yourself entertaining guests and how impressive it would be when landing in the kitchen with the beautiful aromas of great food and the perfect red wine bottle ready for your grasp. And maybe consider taking some of that fabulous red wine to compliment any meal.

Meanwhile, keeping your wine cooler away from direct sunlight is highly recommended, and a distance from other appliances such as microwaves or stoves gives off additional warmth. The space around the freestanding wine cooler must optimise its breathing space. If not provided, the unit overheats and loses the quality of the wine itself.

The perfect wine taste is preserved within a wine cooler.

Poet Alonso wrote the best description of the perfect wine of Aragon. “ Age appears to be best in four things – old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old authors to read, and old friends to converse with.” In summary, how the wine cooler works at its optimum contributes to the taste of wine. Even the correct temperature is needed to store wine over a longer time. Many wine fans would tell you that sought-after red or white wine needs a deep and bold taste. It can only be ensured by keeping them in the perfect environment. Many believe that an old wine cellar can only provide this with wine barrels that smell of beautiful wood. But this is achievable with a great piece called a freestanding wine cooler in modern and technological advances.

By Marquez